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You will spend over 229,000 hours sleeping in your lifetime. Shouldn’t your sheets and mattress be as comfortable as possible? More consumers are looking to buy bed and bath products that are made in the USA. They want a quality product that isn’t made with toxic chemicals, is durable and is not scratchy. When you buy bedding that is made in the USA you won’t have to wash your sheets two or three times to get that chemical smell out of them. Plus you won’t have to spend a fortune on higher thread count sheets that are disappointingly scratchy and uncomfortable to sleep on. Today there are more American made options in bedding and bath products available online, below are some great options to consider.

Bedding made in USA from seed to stitchAuthenticity 50 makes luxury Bedding 100% Made in the USA with California grown Supima® Cotton for an amazing nights sleep. They are creating jobs and supporting American manufacturing from seed-to-stitch.

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Bedding made in USA for over 50 yearsBates Mills Store is the original retailer of Bates bedspreads and blankets for over 50 years. Their bedding, comforters, throws, blankets and pillow shams are made in the USA, 100% cotton and machine washable.

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Showerheads made in USA.High Sierra Shower Heads provide an invigorating, strong, and full spray of large droplets ideal for showering and rinsing long hair. Their patented nozzle technology is the key component that sets this shower head apart from all others.

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