Pet Products made in USA

Pet Products

Find pet products made in the USA for dogs and cats. Your pet is part of the family. That’s why it is important that the products you buy for them are Made in the USA. Choose pet food, dog toys, cat toys, dog treats, cat treats, food bowls and more that are Made in the USA to ensure the products you give your pets are safe and non-toxic.

Our pets are an important part of our family. Admit it or not, they are just like your children and each one has their own personalities likes and dislikes.  Over the years we have seen countless pets put in danger due to the fact of dangerous chemicals and additives being put into their food and imported into the US. In 2007 there were several recalls seen on the FDA web site. Visit the retailers below for Pet Products Made in America.

Basis Pet makes stainless steel dog and cat bowls that are made in the USA. They believe in making pet products that are held to higher quality and safety standards at a reasonable price. Plus they look great too. Get more details here.

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