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Buffalo Wool Co

About the Buffalo Wool Co.

The Buffalo Wool Co family has been raising American bison for almost 40 years. They have spend the last 10 years developing a supply chain in the USA to bring together bison ranchers, small independent mills, and local manufacturers. They believe by working together, they can preserve America’s national mammal: the American Plains Bison.

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Buffalo Wool Co Products Beanies, Socks and Gloves

Why Choose Bison Fiber Wool?

  • It’s Soft – Unlike other wool products bison wool isn’t itchy scratchy or prickly. It has a fiber has a micron count of about 15, comparable to a good cashmere. Not to mention it’s hypo-allergenic too, that means there are no known allergies to this fiber!
  • It’s Warm – Bison wool will keep you warm and cozy in the cold weather.
  • It’s Lightweight – Fine bison down is lightweight and durable. From laceweight to their heavier sport yarns, the fiber only gets softer with wear.
  • It’s Tough – Providing you the best protection from the elements. It insulates, moisture wicking and durable.