RAGGEDedge Gear Celebrates 25 Years Made in USA

Wallets Made in the USA

This June is a very special milestone for RAGGEDedge Gear. The company is celebrating 25 years of making their products in the USA. RAGGEDedge Gear is a small business that is dedicated and committed to not only making their products in the USA but also to making a quality product that is built to last.

We asked the owner of RAGGEDedge Gear some questions about her business and how they have met the economic challenges of the past two years to keep their business growing.

Why is making your products in the USA important to you?

Quality, control, pride. I had to think hard about this. I started out making our gear because I enjoy the process of designing and creating. I’m a DIYer and a maker; it gives me great satisfaction to build things. We kept making our gear because of our focus on product quality from raw goods all the way thru production. At some point, as folks reported back that their RAGGEDedge Gear far outlasted others; the durability of our gear became a source of pride and satisfaction.

What sets your products apart from imported products?

Durability. In fact, this is the key tenant of our whole approach to business and product production. Simply put: We build our gear to last. Period.

This has been proven time after time with folks returning to purchase replacement gear (be it wallet or bag) in as long as 7-15 years. Yes, often folks replace them sooner to refresh them but even at that, many comment that this is a personal choice rather than necessity!

We have a two fold approach:

  1. We do our utmost to select the best materials for the job. For example, the thread is the same as what is used to build high end yacht & boat biminis, yacht sails, and the like. Created to withstand tons of abuse from sun, wind & waves it is extremely tough which results in less broken stitches. A broken stitch is often the first indication of failure.
  2. Our construction methodology is designed to provide reinforcement of wear points to increase durability. The most obvious example is the use of a triple step stitch. This specialty stitch has proven over time to hold in place, even with several broken stitches.

What other values are important to you as a business owner and company?

Customer service: personal attention/honesty, quick ship time, & low ecological footprint.

What are some of the challenges you are facing in 2022 with keeping your products made in the USA?

Ha! Sadly, sourcing materials. It’s rough…. We trimmed our product line to wallets because they require much less material goods to produce. Even at that, our offerings have become narrower due to a scarcity of materials.

RAGGEDedge Gears commitment to made in the USA, the environment, their desire to create a product that is built to last and their ability to pivot in the changing economic landscape are all factors that have enabled their business to grow and thrive for 25 years. When you purchase a wallet from RAGGEDedge Gear you are you are helping to support a business that believes in American manufacturing.

Shop RAGGEDedge Gear for a great selection of wallets that are built to last and best of all made in the USA.