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Coalition for a Prosperous America Joins Forces with

Ozark, MO – December 12, 2017.

In an effort to help boost American Manufacturers, Coalition for Prosperous America (CPA) has partnered with

CPA is instrumental in giving a voice in Washington, DC to the more than 250,000 US manufacturers, most of whom are small family owned businesses. In total they represent some 4.1 million Americans in manufacturing, agricultural and labor. They are working steadfastly to ensure trade deals responsible for the decline of manufacturing in the US such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are improved and beneficial to the US.

 “CPA is very excited to partner with BuyDirectUSA,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA. “It’s a partnership that will be extremely beneficial to domestic manufacturers. While BuyDirectUSA takes care of growing and promoting their businesses, CPA will take care of protecting them from foreign trade cheaters that want them out of business. Together, it’s our goal to advocate for trade that promotes manufacturing, produces jobs, and increases incomes.”

Small business owners like Sherrill manufacturing in NY who purchased a former Oneida plant that had been shuttered to move jobs to Mexico. They have worked hard to create the only flatware made in the USA known as Liberty Tabletop. Their employees take pride in creating quality flatware and they work hard to provide for their families.

While CPA is focused in DC, is devoted to helping manufactures gain traction with consumers and business customers. “Our goal is to help US manufacturers in any capacity they need to remain viable and keep their workers employed,” said BuyDirectUSA spokesperson Jim Palmer. “We launched in 1998, not long after the effects of NAFTA were being felt across the country and we’re excited to see the resurgence in American Manufacturing.”

Both organizations are nonpartisan and have supporters from all political and economic persuasions. “Americans put their differences aside when it comes to the issue of supporting our workers, farmers and manufacturers and our organizations efforts go hand in hand,” Palmer said. “This isn’t just about representing companies but it is about the people that work for them, whether it’s a small family farm or large manufacturing plant. The people who are employed by them it what matters the most.”

For additional information about both organizations, please visit & Coalition for Prosperous America

About CPA: The Coalition for a Prosperous America is the nation’s premier organization working on the intersection of trade, jobs, tax and economic growth. We represent the interests of 4.1 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.

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