Trump Christmas Challenge Challenges Trump to Start Making America Great Again Now

Ozark, MO –The 2016 Presidential election has created a firestorm of controversy in our country. While you may not agree with who won we can all agree that our country needs to come together and start to work on an issue that has been plaguing our nation since the inception of NAFTA in 1994. Our primary focus should be on bringing back manufacturing and jobs to America.

Though Donald Trump will not officially be sworn in as commander in chief until January we are asking him to get started on “Making America Great Again” with the 2016 holiday season. Will he buy just one American made item this Christmas and also encourage the American people to do the same?

While American manufacturing cannot return overnight, there are many US Manufacturers producing great products in the USA that could use a boost. The President elect can help them do just that. “There are thousands of small manufacturing companies across the US working hard to provide quality products Made in America and providing jobs and boosting the economy, the best way to support them is with our wallets this holiday season,” said spokesperson, Jim Palmer.

We believe it is possible to make America great again,” said Palmer. However, Americans need jobs and future employees need to be educated on the new technological manufacturing processes that give US manufactures a fighting chance in today’s global markets. “Until our workforce catches up, we as consumers should unite and support those manufacturers who are producing quality products here,” Palmer said.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), many Americans will spend more than $900.00 this holiday season on gifts and will be spending on average $140.00 on gifts for themselves. The more spent on America Made products, the more jobs it would produce. Spending just $64 this Christmas would create over 200,000 jobs.

Buying American can help bring us together as a nation and help our economy move forward. began in 1998 with a simple mission of helping consumers find American Made products by American owned companies. Over the years we have helped consumers find thousands of quality American made products and we have helped connect retailers to great American Manufacturers. Our mission has and always will be to help create jobs for Americans.