High Sierra Showerheads Made in USA

Showerheads Made in the USA

High Sierra Showerheads provide an invigorating, strong, and full spray of large droplets ideal for showering and rinsing long hair. The recently patented nozzle technology is the key component that sets this shower head apart from all others. The exclusive nozzle creates the spray from a minimal flow rate of just 1.5 gpm. Most users agree that the shower does not feel like low flow and are delighted with the fact that they are using up to 40% less water and the energy to heat it. The savings will pay for the shower head in usually less than 3 months.

“Rated Best Showerhead by Popular Science.”

In addition to the great shower experience and the huge savings, minerals and sand particles will not clog up High Sierra shower heads and will have no affect on the performance.  This is because all the water flows in and out of the shower head through a single and continuous water passageway. Also, High Sierra Showerheads are almost entirely made of solid metal. This is not only an advantage with regard to durability, but is also a healthy alternative to plastic shower heads which can harbor dangerous bacteria.

Manufactured in America 
Using foreign and domestic parts, High Sierra Showerheads® are 100% built in our factory located in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Models for Households, Correctional Facilities, Dorms, Gyms, and Campgrounds  
Our larger customers include Penn State University, California State University San Bernadino, Savannah College of Art and Design, Big Sandy Penitentiary, Elkton FCI, Herlong FCI, Golds Gym, and many more.

Patented green technology saves water and money!  
Saves as much as $50 in water heating costs and 1700 gallons of water per person/per year! Source: Aquacraft Engineering Study; Residential End Uses of Water.

The High Efficiency, 1.5 gpm Handheld Shower by High Sierra Showerheads
Need a handheld shower? Why settle for a water-wasting device that will clog up easily—when you can get our patented, great-feeling, non-plugging nozzle mounted on a rugged, portable shower handle.  For more information about our unique spray technology, please see our Nozzle page.  For specifications, go to our Shop section.

WaterSense Certification
We are pleased to announce that all of our 1.5 and 1.8 gpm shower heads are now WaterSense certified as well as certified to be compliant with the International Plumbing Codes.

This means that our shower heads have been independently tested and certified to not only save water and energy, but to perform as well or better than much higher flowing shower heads.

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