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Is There Life After Artificial Nails?

Is There Life After Artificial Nails? Oh yes, Virginia, there is, and you’re gonna love it!

For the uninitiated, I’ll give you my personal example of having artificial nails applied. Mind you, this was a typical “nail shop on the corner” and not my previous manicurist.

After a lengthy attempt explaining that my nails were paper thin, the tech seemed to understand, she didn’t speak much English, nor did the shop owner. She didn’t understand. She started roughing up my already thin nails, which from prior experience I knew was prep for application. Then, WHOA! She ripped right through the nail and that grinder hit my nail bed.

I shrieked in pain, my hand jerked up, smacking the grinder in her hand, and accidentally slinging it into the very expensive mirror behind her, shattering it into a thousand glittering shards. The owner stood with mouth agape staring at this mess in her shop.

It HURT. I got up and left fast. I didn’t really care and still don’t, because now I know this happens daily.

So here is the down and dirty of getting your nails shaped up as quickly as possible. Yes, it will be unsightly for a time, but just keep thinking how great they’ll look soon.

Buy a 4 sided buffer. Put your emery boards and files away and do not use them. Very gently buff in one direction down the nail plate, starting from the roughest grit to the smoothest. You can also shape your nail tips with the buffer—remember one direction. Don’t saw, don’t right/left/right. One direction. Then apply Rx4Nails.

Twice daily is all you need, but of course you can apply it more often. Before you know it, your nails will start to grow from under the cuticle, stronger, healthier, with a naturally nourished shine.

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