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Face Masks Made in USA Buying Guide

Our buying guide features Face Masks that are made in the USA. The face mask you buy should at least meet the basic CDC requirements. We recommend buying face masks that are made in the USA whenever possible. Check back because we will be adding more sources for face masks made in the USA as we find them.

Face Mask Tips:

  • Disposable face masks should only be used once.
  • Reusable face masks should be washed after each use. Buy more than one face mask so you always have a fresh mask ready to wear.
  • If you use a filter inside your reusable face mask these are one time use only and cannot be washed or reused.
  • The CDC recommends that face masks have at least 2 layers.
  • Children under two and pets should never wear face masks. Get more information about face masks and kids here.
  • Do not wear a face mask if you have trouble breathing.
  • Always remove your mask using the straps (not the front of the face mask and wash your hands afterwards.
  • Buy face masks made in the USA.

List of Face Masks made in the USA

Texas Mask Disposable Face Masks

Forget imported disposable face masks. Texas Mask face masks are made in Texas using more than 95% materials sourced from US manufacturers. These 3-layer white pleated masks are made using USA-made melt-blown polypropylene filter media for easy breathing and good filtration, and are assembled in Class 8 clean-room. Free shipping included within the contiguous 48 states.

Disposable Face Masks Made in the USA.

Prime Direct Brands Reusable Face Mask

Three layer washable face mask for germ protection. Made with 2 layers of moisture wicking antimicrobial poly fabric and 1 cotton inner layer. Available in black. Made in the USA.

Face Mask Made in the USA Reusable

Tart Collections Reusable Face Mask

Made from 100% cotton this reusable face mask has an outer shell and two layers of cotton inside. Available with or without the made in USA flag label. Choose from 4 patterns and colors. Made in the USA.

Made in USA Face Masks Cotton

Designers Union Reusable Face Mask

Reusable face mask made from a poly cotton spandex blend that provides 3 layers of protection. Available in an assortment of colors and styles. Made in the USA.

Face Mask Made in the USA Reusable

Auliné Collection Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Reusable face mask is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Includes pocket for optional filter (filter not included). Mask can be worn without filter. Machine and hand washable. Made in the USA.

Face Mask with Filter Pocket Made in USA

Face Masks for Kids made in the USA – 2 Pack

Made with polyester, spandex and cotton. These two layer face masks are designed to stretch. The cute designs are mom and kid approved. Machine washable. Made in Los Angeles, CA from US sourced materials.

Face Masks for Kids Made in USA

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