Make the Holidays Sweeter with Bakeware & Kitchen Tools Made in the USA

Holiday Bakeware Made in the USA

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of fresh baked cookies. It is the perfect weekend activity to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and make some great memories at the same time. Plus you get to sample a lot of delicious cookies when you’re done!

Over 80% of households in the USA will bake cookies during the holiday season. From the classic frosted sugar cookie to thumbprint cookies and every cookie in between everyone has their favorite(s). Check out this list of the Top Christmas Cookie in each state.

Whether you are an experienced Christmas cookie baker or have decided to make 2022 the year you turn on your oven and bake your heart out we have a list of bakeware and kitchen tools that are made in the USA.


Cookie Sheet

Pie Pan

Jelly Roll Pan

Cake & Bake Pans

Loaf Pans

Glass Bakeware Sets


Measuring Spoons

Glass Measuring Cup

Plastic Measuring Cups

Rolling Pins

Mixing Bowls

Stainless or Wood Handle Whisks

Christmas Cookie Cutters