5 Excellent Weekend Getaways in the USA

The United States has so many awesome places to visit that it can be a challenge to narrow down some of the best spots, but here are some suggestions we are sure you will love. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or just a weekend to get some rest and relaxation, here are some top getaways you may want to consider.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge – Arkansas

If you want a luxury adventure,, then check out the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas. A four bedroom, four bath suite in a cave.  With over 6,000 square feet and all the modern amenities, you will certainly feel like the king and queen of the cave. Prices start at $1200 per night but it is an experience you will never forget.

Big Cedar Lodge – Branson, Missouri

Here in Missouri, there are lots of favorite getaways but a highly popular one just south of Branson, Missouri is the Big Cedar Lodge nestled in the Ozark Mountains If you love the outdoors and relaxing adventure, this is a great place to go, with far too many activities to even list or you can stay in one of their exclusive accommodations and just some quiet time away from everything. They have various rates and packages that vary depending on your budget. The Romance packages start at around $660.00

Sheraton Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

The last time, I was in New Orleans, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel. It is minutes away from the French quarter and you can find all kinds of great things to do especially if you love great food. The hotel itself served up some really good jambalaya to which I had to ask for seconds. They were ever so kind as to oblige my request. The city is rich in history, music and food, much of which you can experience on foot.  Really you just walk down the street and you can hear a variety of music playing out of different establishments. If you are looking for more exclusive accommodations, you can find them too.  Rates at the Sheraton start at under $200 a night

JW Marriott – Marco Island, Florida

If you are looking for a bit of sun and want to then a little tropical paradise in Florida may be just the right place for you. The JW Marriott Marco Island has 3 miles of pristine private beach for you to soak in the sun and beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.  This little slice of paradise is only for adults to soak in the serene beauty so leave the kids with responsible caregiver and enjoy a luxurious weekend getaway. Rates start at about $529 per night.

Omni Grove Park Inn – Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville North Carolina is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains is another great place to escape the everyday grind. The historic Omni Grove Park Inn offer luxury rooms and suites as well as a sub terrain spa, tennis, golf and more, not to mention all the wonderful sights and sounds of Asheville and the surrounding area. Head up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and head for Mount Mitchell the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. On the way, there are lots of places to stop and take in views of those beautiful mountains that seem to go on forever. You may even find an apple orchard too.  Depending on you direction of travel on the parkway, you could have some fun on sliding rock. It’s a small mountain stream when you can slide down. Hey I have done it and it’s quite refreshing on hot days. The inn has been in operation for more than a 100 years and has all the modern amenities. Rates start as low as $169.00 a night.

We live in a great country, there are place and price points for all of us if we take the time to look.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these awesome places and get the opportunity to have some wonderful experiences and awesome adventures. Life is short, enjoy every moment of it.

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