Daylight Saving Time

Get ready to Fall back this Sunday. Daylight Saving Time is Coming to an End

Fall is the best time of year. Not only do we get to see the beautiful leaves change colors, drink hot apple cider and eat lots of caramel apples but we also get our extra hour of sleep back when Daylight Saving Time officially ends on Sunday November 4th at 2 AM.

You may remember last Spring that Florida was working hard to opt out of Daylight Saving Time all together. The good news is that they succeeded and the Florida legislature voted yes to doing away with the cruel and barbaric practice of making people lose an extra hour of sleep in March. The bad news is they are still waiting on approval from Congress and so far it looks like Congress decided to just pretend that the bill was never introduced in the first place. So if Florida wants out they are going to have to reintroduce the bill again and hope Congress agrees to let them keep their extra hour of sleep come March 2019.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back this Sunday, enjoy that extra hour of sleep for the next few months, and try not to have nightmares about Daylight Saving Time starting back up again on March 11th.

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