Should the U.S. Continue to Allow China to Make our Medication?

Everything, from your daily medications including items like insulin and antibiotics to medical supplies like gloves, syringes and masks as well as your daily vitamins and supplements are all made in China. Even if your medicines are made in other countries, the components most likely come from China.

Should the U.S. Continue to Allow our Medications & Medical Supplies to be Controlled by the Chinese Communist Party?

Everything, from your daily medications including items like insulin and antibiotics to medical supplies like gloves, syringes and masks as well as your daily vitamins and supplements are all made in China. Even if your medicines are made in other countries, the components most likely come from China.

The Corona Virus is spreading fast and while China is doing its best, it has not been contained and some experts predict the way they are quarantining entire cities could make its spread even worse.

China’s trade war has raged on since they were allowed to join the WTO, our elected officials keep voting them back in all the while China, steals patents, infringes on copyrights, steals technology and trade secrets, produces counterfeit products, manipulates currency, floods the US markets with cheaply and sometimes toxic made products, skirts around FDA and USDA regulators and provide false information regarding products those entities regulate, uses child labor, forced labor camps and a myriad of other human rights abuses.


One word “Money.” Large corporations get the highest return on investment by doing business in China, especially products sold in big box stores. Despite the fact that many of these products put the American Consumer at risk.

A check of the Consumer Product Safety Commission website reveals all sorts of imported recalled products most of which are from China and some have resulted in death or serious injuries.

Follow those made in China products back to the companies that reap the rewards of cheap labor and unregulated environmental protections and look at their profits. Consumers who purchase these products are simply helping to create China’s wealth while pushing our nation’s economy down.


If you take medication insulin, vitamins or use medical supplies and devices, odds are they were made in China. A quick Google search or search engine of your choice will reveal that China is producing medications with substances that can cause cancer, as well as some medications that are watered down or not even medication at all. The US doesn’t even produce its own antibiotics or vaccines.  

Currently, China produces vaccines and other medications for the Department of Defense used on our military. Most Americans would think common sense would apply to this situation, you don’t let a foreign government provide anything to your military. Especially those who are not allies and would benefit from your military’s demise.

So imagine what would happen if we were at war with China and they stopped sending all medications and related products to the US. How many people would die without antibiotics? How many would die without their insulin, heart medications, etc…? How many people would die because hospitals, doctors and ambulances ran out of medical supplies?  How many more would die if medical equipment relied on in the US stopped shipping? China would not have to step foot into the country in order to slaughter a huge number of Americans. Before the China / US trade war slowed, China did threaten to stop exports of all raw materials for medications and vitamins to the US.


This potential National Security problem is being addressed, but will our elected leaders act upon it before it’s too late? H.R.4710 – Pharmaceutical Independence Long-Term Readiness Reform Act was  introduced October 17, 2019 and hasn’t seen much action. This legislation was introduced by  Rep. John Garamendi [D-CA-3] and cosponsored by Rep. Vicky Hartzler [R-MO-4]. The proposed Legislation essentially allows the Secretary of Defense to find the US shortcoming in medical supplies and medicines and to find US suppliers or foreign ones who are allies.

We asked Rosemary Gibson Author of the Book China RX her thoughts on the topic and she responded with “The coronavirus outbreak in China, is a warning that we need to wake up and stop our dependence on China for our medicines. We have to bring medicine-making back home. This will bring back jobs and assure our nation’s health security. “


I think like most Americans, we want our medications and any health related products to be safe from harmful contaminates but we also want to be able to find them on the shelves when we need them. There is nothing wrong with companies wanting to make a profit, but when those profits cause Americans to suffer as a result then it is time for our legislators to come up with a common sense solution for the good of our nation. However, the time to act is now. This has been a growing issue since at least 2005 just years after China was allowed into the WTO.

This issue should be on the minds of all Americans especially as we watch the spread of the Corona Virus and the death toll continue to rise.

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