Favorite Halloween Candy

The Results are in and America’s Favorite Halloween Candy is…

Halloween Facts: Halloween is not just for kids. In fact 179 Million Americans plan on participating in Halloween this year. In 2018 consumers spent $8.4 billion on Halloween. In 2019 consumers spent $8.8 billion for Halloween festivities. Now in 2021 consumers are expected to spend nearly $102.74 Billion on Halloween.

Did you know that Americans will spend $3 billion on candy for Halloween? While chocolate still reigns number one as America’s favorite candy, others in the top 25 include: smarties, sour patch kids and of course candy corn.

Don’t forget to check the labels when you stock up on candy this year as we are seeing more and more candy being sold that is made in China and Mexico in Walmart and other discount stores. Always look for Made in USA Candy.

If you are looking for Halloween costumes and decorations that are made in the USA we found some costumes at the big box stores that were actually made in the USA. Though there weren’t many available. You can also shop online to find more USA made costumes, decorations and more.

More great facts about Halloween:

  • The first Jack O‚ÄôLanterns were made from turnips not pumpkins.
  • Black and orange are the colors usually associated with Halloween. The color orange represents strength and endurance. Black is a color typically associated as a symbol of death and darkness and serves as a reminder that Halloween was once a festival that marked the boundaries between life and death.
  • The top 7 Halloween costumes for children are: Action/Superhero, Minecraft, Elsa from Frozen 2, Princess, Animal, Spider-man and Star Wars.
  • The top 5 Halloween costumes for adults are: Witch, Batman Character, Animal, Pirate and Marvel Superhero.

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