Personalized Christmas Stockings Made in the USA Bring Back Memories of Christmases Past

Christmas Stockings Made in USA

When I was growing up, it was always fun and exciting to see all the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning, but before we were allowed to open any gifts, we always made a bee line for the Christmas stockings that were now filled with all kinds of treasures. Most of the time, they were filled with an apple and an orange, some hard shell nuts, wrapped candy and small gifts.

We would start a fire in the fireplace and make hot cocoa from scratch on the stove. Heating it ever so slowly so the cocoa didn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and a thin skin formed on the top. While sipping our cocoa, we would watch the snow fall as we waited for breakfast. Usually it would be scrambled eggs and sausage links with some homemade biscuits with butter and honey.

Memories are made by the smallest of things and those stockings with our names on them are long gone but those good feelings we got when looking through them to see the gifts and treats have lasted a lifetime.

The stockings we had were store bought and embellished with our names by hand along with other décor on them.

The ones made by Merry Stockings remind me of the ones I grew up with. Made with love by hardworking Americans who take pride in each piece they produce.

Merry Stockings is a small family owned business that loves Christmas and Christmas décor. They provide a large selection of personalized USA Made Christmas stockings you and those you give them to will love for years to come.

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